5. Celestial Seasonings - Goodnight

It should be easy to fall asleep. But let’s be honest, sopmetimes it’s not!

Celestial Seasonings knows this and wants to help. So grab your blankie and say goodnight.

First, let’s write an original bedtime story about a bear going to bed and call it ,”Bear Goes to Bed”.

Then, let’s give you all the bedtime essentials together in a cute little box.
The box includes:
- sleep mask
- box of sleepytime tea
- original bedtime storybook
- goodnight blanket

Now let’s make it available in places where it’s hardest to get some quality shut-eye


Let’s buy out all of Times Square just to do what no other brand would ever do.
Turn it all off.

Then, we’ll partner with Delta to help frequent flyers find rest.

Art: Trey Julian
Copy: Faith Canipe