7. NBA Kids - Basketball is for Everyone

“Basketball is for Everyone” is a digital-first collaboration with jr.nba.com, in an effort to get kids more interested in basketball at a young age.

We want kids to understand that anyone can play basketball. It isn’t just for those of us who are 6’4. Basketball is a sport that anyone can enjoy regardless of body shape, size, features, color, or disability. 

What a better way to prove this, than to let the kids prove it themselves? In the NBA Jr app, consumers will find a new feature which allows them to draw their own character. They are able to customize their character however they’d like.

Once they are done customizing, their character will come to life.

Whichever character they have created has become a live animation. The character will begin playing basketball. No matter what their character looks like, they play basketball. And they’re pretty good too.

Our ultimate goal is to get kids out of the house, and onto the court, which is why when you bring the app to any basketball court, your character comes to life! Using augmented reality technology, your character will be brought into the real world right before your eyes.

But this isn’t enough.

In order to learn basketball, you need a coach. This is why your new friend can also teach you a few things.

Depending on what you want to learn, your character will teach you how to dribble, how to bounce-pass, or how to shoot the ball correctly.

Everyone will have the opportunity to share what they’ve made and learned on social media with the hashtag #basketballisforeveryone.

Art: Trey Julian
Copy: Trey Julian